Care Coordination Software
for Specialty Care

We equip your medical assistants to navigate specialty care.

How Does It Work?

Identify Missing Patient Data
Preveta proactively identifies what, and when, data is needed based on each patient's unique profile and conditions
Alert Staff and Create Workplans
Preveta notifies staff that a patient is missing data and establishes a plan to address it
Navigate Patients Through Barriers
Preveta guides staff to work with patients to address barriers to test results
Surface Data for Clinical Decisions
Preveta pushes to clinicians a complete patient profile, optimized for clinical decision making
Our software, Your People, Many benefits

Your Revenue

Generate revenue for patient navigation, increasing your top line while achieving clinical outcomes

Your Impact

Equip your medical assistants to help you deliver the right treatment to the right patient at the right time

Patient Satisfaction

Proactively engage patients to help them achieve their health goals

Conditions We Navigate


Prostate Cancer
Revenue-generating Prostate Cancer
patient navigation
results in scalable patient care and better patient outcomes.
Patient navigation increased benign prostatic hyperplasia (BPH) procedures by 12% over a single quarter
It literally pays to leverage medical assistants to help patients avoid ER/urgent care visits when dealing with UTI symptoms
Leveraging patient navigation to identify undertreated Erectile Dysfunction patients pays for itself in more ways than one
Systematically collect data on Overactive Bladder patients in order to streamline treatment decisions by providers and get reimbursed by payers


Ulcerative Colitis
Differentiate between C. diff and UC flares before the patient goes to the ER/urgent care
Crohn's Disease
Streamline in-office visits by delivering Crohn's healthcare maintenance remotely

We Get It.

We know it's not just about the technology. Being experienced healthcare providers, we understand that fundamental to a successful program is understanding your practice and integrating the software into it. Discover how our unique background benefits your success.
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Welcome to the Future of Precision Care

Your practice needs new care delivery approaches that balances out the provider workload and the desperate need for better data.

With our solution, you'll gain deeper insights into your patients, driving better outcomes while generating revenue for the non face-to-face care that you're already providing.